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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Scalp Bounty: Ravaging Myths, Book 2

Downloads: 8644         Pages: 183

Published: 5 years ago

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Second in a series of novels that can be categorized in the sci-fi-fantasy, horror, mystery, suspense, or alternate history genres. This book begins in the Apache Nation, with the mysterious death of an Apache soldier. The death rocks the Inter-Tribal Council, and the Apache Tribe Council representative, General Andrea Cochise of the Apache Nation military, is determined to track down the killer. Download this FREE e-Book today!

Trevor Pethrick

A great read. Fast moving with unexpected turns. Well done.

Bessie Habeck

Time spent I will never get back. In the last of the book characters and situations are pulled out of thin air with no rhyme or reason. I thought for a bit it had gotten mixed up with another book.

whitney sylvester

The two books in this series are growing on me such an unusual idea, I am looking forward to reading the rest.


Frederick Brown

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