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seem to be always seeking and never finding. Could
it be that we‟re looking for the wrong treasure and in
all the wrong places? This was true for me in my
spiritual life, until I finally did find the Pearl of
Great Price, the Way of Gladness. The relief and joy
that comes with this discovery can‟t be described it
must be lived.
When I first committed my life to God I really
did so with love and gratitude, and the desire to
serve Him. During the years that followed I had
huge ups and downs. I would have periods of
struggling to do what God wanted me to do,
sometimes doing pretty well, I thought, and other
times wondering why I couldn‟t get it right. I would
pray about a particular thing in my life, resolve to
overcome the temptation to give in to it and try hard
not to fail. But fail I did, over and over, day after
day, prayer after prayer. Finally I would just give up
and leave the whole issue alone, but eventually it