Saving Grace HTML version

know He‟s so close that even a silent prayer brings
the help I need.
There is real delight in a relationship with God
that‟s built on gratitude, trust and reliance on Him.
Such an experience brings a person so close to God
that praise is a natural result. Praise and gratitude
from a heart that‟s in God‟s hands brings joy to His
heart. God delights in answering the prayer of His
children, He delights in a heart that‟s surrendered to
Him, He delights in fixing what‟s broken in us and
teaching us to delight in Him. He delights in praise
that comes from a heart filled with love and
gratitude, not just for what He does for us but for
Who He is.
We have probably all have thought, at one time
or another, that wealth would make us happy, that if
we didn‟t have to struggle so much we would be
content. But, each day we find that instead of our
ship having come in we have missed the boat. We