Saving Grace HTML version

This is a story of my journey from frustration,
discouragement, and despair to sweet rest and joy in
the saving and transforming power of Christ. What I
have learned has made such a difference in my life
that I have to share it with every other seeker after
the righteousness of Christ.
I don‟t know about you, but I want more out of
my Christianity than being forgiven, justified,
cleansed and declared just as if I had never sinned.
I‟m sure that would shock some people because
justification, which I partially described above is
vital to salvation, but there‟s more, much more that
God longs to give His children and I want that too.
Besides needing to be justified I also need to
experience God‟s power in my life; daily changing
the kind of person I am, (sanctification) and I need
Him to be my „very present help in time of trouble‟.
What this means is that along with justification
I need God to provide sanctification, and I need to