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Importance of saving: Saving the best for the last
The value of money cannot be underestimated. In a recent
national survey, more than 96% Americans agreed that early
monetary savings would help one achieve a fruitful and stable
Saving is a way of insulating oneself from the many
symptoms of health and natural adversity. While an average
youth of yesteryears thinks more about short-term financial
goals such as purchasing a new pair of signature shoes,
owning a new jet ski or a brand new car, statistics show that
more and more are starting to realize the importance of
keeping a personal savings.
Long terms goals are described as goals that have a lasting
effect should a person’s present actions be religiously maintained.
The following statements are outlined to provide information and tips on how you can start
up your money-saving gimmicks and ensure a happy and financially stable future and list
the reasons as to why saving money should occupy a greater place in our list of priorities in
Reasons for Saving:
# Saving for your Future and Present Needs – Saving today will provide you with flexible
financial resources in the future.
Keeping at least 20% of your monthly earnings while using the other for your household,
personal and unexpected expenses will surely play a big part in your pursuit for a stable
# Saving for an Investment Need – Savings can also be a source of your future capital for
engaging in business enterprises.
It will provide you more opportunity for venturing on your unexplored talents and earn you
a huge potential in increasing your money exponentially.
# Saving for your Retirement – More than 23% of today’s elderly were shown to have
failed in one instance in their lives, to save and strategically used their money for preparing
their way to retirement. As a result, these folks extend their entire retirement career