Savage Ingratitude: How the Jewish Left and the Protestant Elite Sabotage America HTML version

In fact, the reverse is true. In the United States, at the onset of the twenty-first century,
the most lethal threat to liberty is the Jewish Left.
My purpose in writing this book is to explore this enigma.
A warning to mainstream Jewry: We ignore the Jewish Left at our peril. Most of us are
too engaged in life to be consciously aware of their actions and the extent to which they
pollute our image. I remind mainstream Jewry of the old truism: Trotsky makes the
revolution, but Braunstein pays the price.
Caveat: let no one think that only Jews form the threat from the Left. The reality is that
most members of the radical Left are not Jews, and that what the Jewish Left have been
able to do could not have been done by them alone. This book also explores the role of
the Protestant Left, which worked and works synergistically with the Jewish Left.
However, my chief concern will be with the Jewish Left. Let the Protestants bury their
The Old Paradigm
Although we Jews are, and have been always been, highly educated, the behavioral
pattern we have evolved to preserve our race is as old as the race itself. This pattern is
remarkably resistant to change. We came into being as a people small in number.
We came to live in a land (the Palestine Coast) that is exposed to mighty empires to the
south, north, and east. To the west of Palestine stretches the Mediterranean basin, open to
trade, but also to assault by any maritime power. The classical exposition of the
behavioral pattern that I call the “Old Paradigm” is the story of Joseph in Egypt. In one
form or another, we have repeated it from his time to our own. In the next few paragraphs
I will present the paradigm as clearly as I can. But we, Jew and Gentile alike, must all
acknowledge the force that drives this behavior. It is a product of the four-thousand-year-
old longing for safety and security. Fear, not evil, is the motivating force.
Now for the primeval story that serves as prototype. Joseph was the leader of a small
tribe which came to sojourn within a large nation. As a minority that wished to preserve
its unique culture, to refuse to assimilate, the Jewish people became the archetypical
“other.” To preserve “otherness” and be safe—that was the problem. Joseph’s success
with Pharaoh was noted by the leaders of the Jewish people. They gleaned from his
experience that the best way to ensure survival was to identify, and then to befriend the
highest power in the state. To befriend a multiplicity of lesser powers would be
expensive. It would also be dangerous in the face of the ever-shifting alliances of
secondary powers. So the most efficient path to safety is to be at the foot of, or better yet,
behind, the throne. The goal would be to become indispensable to the ruling power, to be
its most loyal ally.
There follows from this predictable sequelae. One is the support of the person of the
autocrat. (In this case, Pharaoh). This includes support of the office of the autocrat.
Through the ages we will see that the Jews in the Diaspora acted according to this
pattern. From this followed the support for those measures and policies that served to
transfer power from lower to higher levels of government. In the course of this history,
we will see many examples that confirm this. In our time and place, perusal of any daily
newspaper will confirm that the Jewish Left is the most dependable supporter of the