Savage Ingratitude: How the Jewish Left and the Protestant Elite Sabotage America HTML version

Do you not feel that your plans are detected? Do you not see that your conspiracy is
already arrested and made powerless by the knowledge everyone here possesses of it?
What is there that you did last night, what the night before-where you were-who was
there with you by pre-arrangement? Do you think we don’t know all this? What plot did
you hatch there that you think we are unaware of?
What a time this is! What decay! The Senate is aware of these things; the Consul sees
them; and yet this man lives. Lives! Not only lives, he even comes into the Senate. He
takes part in public deliberations; he is watching and marking down and checking off for
slaughter every individual among us. And we, gallant men that we are, think that we are
doing our duty to the republic if we keep out of the way of his frenzied attacks!
You ought, O Cataline, long ago have been led to execution by command of Consul. That
destruction which you have long been plotting against us ought to have already fallen on
your head....
Because the Introduction provides the background material essential to understand the
body of the text, I strongly advise reading it before proceeding to Chapter 1.
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The following schedule will provide an essential summary of the principle ideas in the
Chapter 1
Chapter 16
Chapter 26
Chapters 32-39
If there were no problem, there would be no need for this book. The problem is that the
Liberty that we enjoy is at risk. The risk is not from foreign invasion, or domestic
terrorism. The risk is from internal assault upon the principles that serve as the
foundation for our liberty. We are at risk of losing freedom of speech, freedom of
worship, freedom of association, and all of the other rights which we have enjoyed for
over two centuries. The necessary precondition for all these rights is private ownership of
property; absent this, all the other rights, satellites of the first, will collapse. We enter the
twenty-first century in possession of liberty; will we leave it, and our descendents, with
as much?
I am a Jew. As such, I am a member of a race that has suffered more than any other race
from the lack of liberty. I am also of the race that has benefited the most from the
enjoyment of liberty. Reason would predict that the greatest champions of liberty would
be those of my race.