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How The Jewish Left And The Protestant Elite Sabotage America
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To Those Who Went Through:
Life in Hell
Shot and Shell.
Fire and Ice
Lead and Lice.
—My gratitude
Translation of archaic Hebrew from front cover:
“And the Lord said unto Moses,
Go get thee down; for thy people,
which thou broughtest out of the land of Egypt,
Have corrupted themselves...” Exodus 32:7
To the Roman Senate 63 BC
First Oration Against Cataline
For how much longer, Catiline, will you abuse our patience? How much longer will your
madness mock us? What limit have you set to your unbridled audacity...?
Do you not see...
the guards posted at night on the Palatine Hill?
Do you not see...
the watches posted throughout the city?
Do you not see...
the alarm of the people and the coming together of all good men?
Do you not see...
the precaution taken of assembling the Senate in this most defensible place?
Do you not see...
the looks and grim faces of this venerable body here present?
Does this move you not at all?