Savage Ingratitude: How the Jewish Left and the Protestant Elite Sabotage America


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Download this FREE e-book, in which a Conservative former Communist Jew reveals the Liberal Jewish plan for America. Author Ari Ben-Tzvi attended Columbia University during the time that the protests of the early ‘60’s were getting started, and was soon radicalized. Not only did he participate in the student unrest, he joined the Communist Party. His relationship with the Party was close enough for him to have met the leadership and observed their tactics. He has read Marx, Engels, and Lenin; and has spent decades researching both ancient and modern Jewish history. Only after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 did his belief in Communism begin to waver. Now, as a Jew, as a Conservative, as an American, he reveals an inside view of how the Jewish Left has betrayed America. Download this FREE e-Book today!


You have covered the Jewish Left. Now you should cover the Jewish Right, the neo-conservative movement spearheaded by Jews such as Kristol, Wolfowitz, Krauthammer and countless others and who have led us to war in Iraq and are now leading us to war with Iran, all for Israeli supremacy in the region. How about also exposing the Main Stream Media, the Federal Reserve, and AIPAC, the three matrices of Zionist Power in the US.


Great book. explains a lot about what is going on in our political system and why our country is facing a 15 trillion dollar deficit right now


I am a Jewish Republican, but somehow I am not comfortable w/this x-treme view


Dissapointing rant with little hard evidence given.

Sarah Williams

This is a fearless book by a scholar of Jewish history, Jew, and former Communist. It'll knock your socks off!


Great research on Jewish history by a Jewish Doctor.


Ari Ben-Tzvi

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