Satori philosophizing HTML version

sunshine, light up the world at the same time, let us feel the warmth.Evil of human nature is
hidden in the stinking skins of an ugly heart, evil human nature as keep on cold days like a steel
knife in the cold wind, tormented soul within.
The objective existence of the world is not entirely materialistic, inner consciousness also is not
ideal, idealism and materialism is a complementary relationship, too idealism and materialism is a
subjective, are the things to extremes.Idealism side can reduce people's desire to reduce the
distress of people, let people find the end-result of the heart.Idealism and makes people from the
other side of the present, live in subjective speculation and fantasies.Materialistic side can make
people more realistic, more objective, more rational.And the other side of the materialist let people
endless desire for material, even lost in the material society.Substance can be used in the service of
human, also can become steel knife injure a human being, is the human have the wisdom to use.
Patriotism is a kind of good quality, patriotic love to lose to the judgment of things, lost's ability to
distinguish right and wrong, good and evil, lose fair and just, it is easy to be used by some
politicians with ulterior motives, as a dog.Everyone should love his own country, but patriotic
need rational, perfect healthy patriotism in need of some good qualities and patriotic this quality
supplement each other.
Marriage in writing letters is a city, there are a lot of people want to go in, there are a lot of people
want to come out, and part of the waiting.But I think the freedom of marriage is not grave,
marriage is like two fish in the water, because they are not in the form of a marriage and lose a bit
of freedom.A wise man will see marriage as a way to improve themselves, learn each other's
advantages in marriage, use the other interests develop a wider range of interests.
The role of religion in society is, in general, the more harm than good.Really bring human interest
is religious culture, after so many years of human evolution, religion was filled with superstition
and ignorance, "christians of sorrow.Unreal there is no such thing as deities, and the truth is never
forever, truth is the source of happiness, is a direction in life, is the ladder of evolution, is behavior
rely upon.Religious beliefs are equal, but religion is close.
Some people think that science and bring social benefits at the same time, also brought harm to the
society.Science brings harm to the society, not science itself, but rather people endless desire and
greed of unlimited access to the commercialization of science.Science make our life more
convenient, promote our happiness.So we should not deny science, should not be against
science.If we focus on science and the harm to the society, we should take attention to their own
desires and greed, we should resist those resources cannot be regenerated, and bring serious
pollution of scientific products to the social environment.
Many people do not understand the superstitions, superstition is before one thing didn't
understand, trust and persistent.Superstition is that of superstitions, superstitious science and
superstition, superstition of foolish and ignorant, so people should abandon superstition.
The outlook on life and values is the human can not lack of ideas, building quality into the outlook