Satori philosophizing HTML version

emotional so have a nice surprise, with thin and a warm room.Once lost
human feelings, even if you take the hot sunshine can warm people's heart
cooling.Love is great and selfless, in this world there are many people in the
family when danger comes, they are willing to use their own life to save the
family member's life, such affection to warm the whole sky, I touched
you.Friendship is like a cup of fragrant teas, need detail for zha, between
friends everyone knowing smile, every heart is a deep friendship.Friendship
makes us no longer lonely, let our life have color.Love is sacred, is not profane,
love is not the existence of a third party, liang shan bo zhu yingtai touching
every lovers, the vega and struggling waiting also let every lover from loyalty to
love yearning.
Everyone is freedom, if an imperfect person get the absolute freedom, can
only let the people make more mistakes.This is not a perfect world few perfect
people exist.The laws of nature, law is not a person's freedom, is the person's
constraints.So if you want to get more freedom, must constantly improve and
perfect themselves.
Moral quality is indispensable to human society, human and society if missing
morality, society will enter into confusion and disorder.Humans are different
from animals because of the existence of ethical thoughts.Heaven, tunnels,
the basis of humanitarian, also.Everybody chong DE, is the world.Everyone,
without virtue of heaven, tunnels, humanitarian destroyed.
Material role in society is to serve our human, and now this time, the society
we are using physical hurt someone, hurt yourself.
IQ is the source of happiness, is the guarantee of life in an orderly way, is the
basis to solve problems of various kinds.Emotional intelligence is the source of
emotion, is the guarantee of stable relationships, is the basis to solve the
problem of all kinds of feelings.IQ has provided the safeguard for the
correctness of the human behavior, emotional intelligence provides the
guarantee for good relationships.
A wise man should not stay or philosophy of dialectical thinking on this rare book the evil of
human nature, the wise men should be what kind of human nature to think we need?What kind of
good and evil people performance make us happy?Is that human nature makes us physical and
mental health development?What kind of human nature is able to let the healthy development of
the society?Good human nature, like a fresh spring, and the universe and life, like one meter