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«Satori philosophizing»
The author roving through (Lv Xuebing) will take you into a different world,
a world of mind, with cultural science to reveal the truth of the universe.
For the wise, the material is a adornment, happiness can increase your
happiness.Material is endless desire for fools, endless misery.The wise by
cultivation of mind, to seek happiness, fool persistent desire, to seek
happiness.Inner happiness is like a rainbow, roving through from the inside out
in my heart of you.External happiness is like a broken line kite, is teetering rely
Goal in life is like a lighthouse, always illuminate the direction of life.No goal in
life, people like the walking dead alive, life is decided by the objective world
power.Have a goal in life, our life more positive attitude, the power of life in our
own hands.In the dark, confused, wandering, hesitate to confusion, let's come
up a beacon in the heart, find our course in life.
Human emotion because of so much more lovely, because of the human