Santos MC (Angel and Tabios) Book 1 HTML version

2 years ago.....
“Well I am not going. I don’t want any part of this” my best friend Hope says as she crosses her
arms in front of her chest. That’s her I mean business stand which looks ridiculous on her. I am
trying my hardest not to laugh at her because that won’t help my case. Hope and I have been best
friends since the moment she got placed in Mrs. Mills care. Mrs. Mills was my next door neighbor.
She was such a nice old lady she was more of a mother to me than my own mother. Hope was the
only other girl my age on the block so we became friends instantly. We decided that once we were
old enough to move out of our house we would live together. So once we were done with high
school we applied to the same collage in New York and here we are now.
“Please Hopey” I pout as I give her my best puppies’ eyes. She can never say no to them. That’s how
I always get her to join me with my crazy ideas. Back when we were Juniors in high school I went
through my rebellious stage and wanted to dye the bottom half of my hair an exotic c olor but I
didn’t want to do it all by myself. So I ask Hope to do it with me at first she was like hell no but at
the end of the day she had light green hair and I had pink thanks to my puppies eyes. Now that I
think about it maybe I should have listen to her because that was a disaster. Yeah at first it was all
bad ass but every time I wash my hair the color would pale. So instead of having pink hair I had pale
orange and lets not even talk about Hope. “Oh no you don’t,” she quickly gets off the bed knowing
exactly where I am going with this “this is a crazy idea, no, not crazy, insane and I don’t want any
part of it” she slams the door for some drama affect.
I don’t need her to tell me this is a cray idea I know that already but there is no going back on it.
Once my mind is made up about something there is nothing or no one that can change it. I’ve always
been stubborn so enough over thinking I need to finish getting ready.
I decided to wear my short black dress. The one with the deep V-neck lace it makes my d-cups look
amazing. I was thankfully blessed with good size boobs but no ass unlike Hope. Now she was bless
with as amazing curvy body even though she hates her body I love it. I would die for some of her
curves. She has what I call an hourglass figure. I add a little eye makeup to make my gray eyes stand
out even more.
I have to thank my good for nothing father for those. Unfortunately for me I look nothing like my
mother. My mother has curly brunette hair, brown eyes, and she is about 5’2. I on the other hand
have straight blond hair that stop right below my shoulder, gray eyes, and I am about 5’6. When I
lived with my mother she would always nagged about how I looked just like the bastard of my
father. Part of me thinks that’s the reason why she can’t stand me.
“So you’re really going to go through with this?” Hope walks back into the room after 20 minutes. I
knew she was going to come back to try to change my mind. I am just surprise it took her this long. I
stare at myself in the mirror trying to figure out what to do with my hair. There isn’t much I can do
since my hair wants to be a pain in my ass all the time. When I say my hair is straight I mean it. “Yes
I am” I brush my hair trying to add at least some volume. “Angel this is fucking crazy! This isn’t the
way to lose your virginity to a complete stranger” she yells trying to get her point across. See even
though Hope and I are best friends we have nothing in common. She is the type of girl that believes
in prince charming and living happily ever after bullshit. I on the other hand don’t believe in none of
that shit. I learned from a young age that prince charming wasn’t coming to save me and there
wasn’t going to be a happily ever after for me. Shit like that doesn’t exist, well not in my world at