Samson - Man of Faith HTML version

Is there anyone here today, first of all, who's not received Jesus Christ as their
saviour? I'd love to give you an opportunity to receive Him. That would be the
most important thing, would be to become a Christian, to give your life to Jesus.
He loves you. He's concerned for your life. He's given His life for you. Are you
here today, and want to give your life to Christ? I'd love you just to raise your
hand, let me know. I'd love to pray with you, and lead you to come to know
I wonder is there anyone here and God has been speaking to you, you feel this
like Samson, that I'm in a low place; eyes been put out, lost my strength and
vigour and determination, feels like I'm going round in circles. You don't have to
stay there. God is a good God.
You say: but how can He do it? How can He do it? Don't try to figure out how. Put
yourselves in His hands. Put your life in His hands. Let Him work with you one
more time. Let Him work with you again. Let Him work to change you. Let Him
work to help you grow through this difficult season, and there is a great day
ahead for you. It'll be the greatest day of your life.
All of us, the best days of our life are ahead of us if we're in the hands of God.
Don't assume you always are. Put yourself there today like Samson did. Don't be
passive. Nothing happens to any passive person. You have to actively extend
your faith.
I want you to pray this prayer with me: Father, I come boldly to you in Jesus'
name. I ask that you restore my strength to me. I put my life in your hands to
serve you, to become available for you. All I am and have, I put in your hands;
and I ask you Lord today, as I reach out to you, to put your anointing afresh upon
me, and to begin to pick up my life and walk with me afresh. Strengthen me Lord,
to fulfil my course. Amen.