Samson - Man of Faith HTML version

to pray for me, and bring me a prophetic word, and bless me? It's not that kind of
cry. It was a cry that said: God, I have come like the prodigal son to the end of
myself; and I've come to my senses and I'm coming back.
You can marry what happened there with the story of the prodigal son. When the
prodigal son returned, the Father held him in his arms. The Father put on him a
shimmering garment of righteousness, restored him into the throes of sonship,
put a ring of authority, so he could stand again as the son. He didn't have to do
anything. It's because the Father is good, the Father is loving, the Father is
gracious. All it takes is for someone who'll dare to come to Him and believe.
The thing I observe about Samson is this, that in the midst of his pain, he did not
become bitter. The midst of his sorrow and his mistakes, he did not become
depressed and suicidal.
Instead, in the midst of it, he thought about God, and faith rose in his heart; and
there came a day when he said: God, I lay my life down to serve you. Now Lord,
strengthen me, remember me. I know I've blown it, I know that I'm really short of
what you had, but Lord, I'm not short of your grace, your goodness.
It was never about his prayer, and never about Delilah. This story is about the
goodness of God, to someone who's fallen over, fallen down. You are not beyond
the reach of God, no matter where you are today.
You may be thinking: I can't see how my calling could work out. I can't see how I
can get from where I am; but I tell you - you're not past the reach of God.
He's able to reach into your life, if you will let Him - but God who is rich in mercy
and His great love, that's the God we serve. That's the God we've been singing
God is rich in mercy. All He's looking for is a heart that will be surrendered to
Him, and will dare to believe that no matter where they're at, God can help.
Lord, remember me and strengthen me one more time. With that the Holy Ghost
came on him. He tore down the pillars of the temple, and in his last act of warfare
against his enemies, killed more in that last act, than a ll his lifetime put together.
His last moment was a glorious moment, a moment of great, great victory; and
your next season in your life can be like that.