Samson - Man of Faith HTML version

The Bible says, after it describes our simple condition, it says that God who is
rich in mercy and His great love. His great love, that He loves, is rich in mercy.
Wherever you're at, you're not past the reach of God.
So this man said, and you'll read it in those verses, he said: remember me Lord,
and give me my strength one more time, and I will lay my life down for your
God heard that prayer. That's a great prayer. God, remember me, remember me
- and so God remembered him.
The power of God came on him again. This is not about Samson and his defeat,
and about Delilah. This is about the God that we serve, is waiting to step in on
your behalf. The God we serve is the God of grace and power. He's waiting to
step in on your behalf.
What activates Him is not your need. What activates Him is your faith.
Samson was listed as a man who believed God; so I'm sure that in the time that
he was going round and round in circles, getting nowhere, he didn't just sit down
feeling sorry for himself.
He would have taken time to meditate in the words God had spoken to him, to
meditate in what God had done in the lives of others. Every day, even though it
was a bad day, and he was in a bad place, he believed it's possible for God to lift
him back up out of that bad place.
You see, before he was just toying around with the call of God. Before he liked
the anointing, he liked the feel of power, he liked to get the victory; but you see
there was an issue in his soul that had never been resolved.
It was the issue of: will I surrender to the purposes of God? So he wanted God
and the other, and he got a Delilah. Then when he came to himself, he came to a
place where he said: God, it's all about you, and your purpose for my life; and so
he reached out: Lord, remember me, remember me. Lord, in all your goodness,
remember me; remember me and strengthen me again, and I will lay my life
down for your purposes.
And when God heard that cry, God responded. It's not the cry of someone who
just wants: well God, I'm feeling down today. Can you come and send someone