Samson - Man of Faith

Samson - Man of Faith
Mike Connell ~ 24 Jun 2012 « Back to Top
Keys from the story of Samps on, about the grace of god, how he loves us even in the midst of
defeat and disgrace. This story is about the goodness of God to someone who's fallen over, fallen
down. You are not beyond the reach of God no matter where you are today. The best days of our
life are ahead of us if we're in the hands of God.
I want you to look with me in Judges 16. If I was to mention to you the name
Samson, what would come to mind? What words would come to the mind straight
away? [Delilah] Isn't that interesting? Delilah is the first thing that would come to
I'm glad you said that word, because it indicates that our tendency is to look at
life from a very negative perspective. That story is not about Delilah by the way.
It’s about a man of faith, a man who believed God, in spite of massive failure; and
the thing is, he's named a hero of faith, not because of all he did before he met
Delilah, but what he did after he was restored.
So our first response, when we think of the name Samson, is immediately you
think Delilah; and immediately you think of the sexual sin, the bondage, the
troubles he got into; and so our mind tends to look at him, and in a way we kind
of feel sorry for him, and we feel like: well, we wouldn't do that. We've just seen
what happened to him; we wouldn't do the same, and tend to look at it out of a
negative and prideful perspective, but the Bible has a different perspective on
If we were to check up in Hebrews 11 verse 32, we would find that the Holy
Ghost specifically encouraged someone to write down, and He recorded out of
four thousand years of history, men who God liked, men who impressed God,
men who pleased God; and out of all of the people that did something for God in
history, the Bible records or pulls out about a dozen of them, and right there stuck
in the middle is Samson!
Not a mention of Delilah in the New Testament, not one mention of her. Why is
that? Because when the Holy Ghost looks on Samson, the Holy Ghost records
he was the man who rose out of failure and setback, and trusted in the grace of
God. He dared to believe that grace could come to him. He dared to believe that