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Being a Peacemaker (Shane Willard)
Shane Willard ~ 22 Apr 2008 « Back to Top
Our hero of the faith was a rebellious, spoilt brat, who wanted his own way, in every single way.
This was a man that was sleeping wit h prostitutes on his wedding night, because he got
depressed, because his best man stole his wif e. From what started out as a jok e no-one
understood, a fascinating cycle of violence ensues, based on: because you did this, I now have a
right t o do that. I merely did t o them, what t hey did t o me. This way of living will always bring
Let me ask you a question, and be careful how quick you answer this inside. This is an internal
question: If you could go to heaven without Jesus, is He still worth following? If heaven and hell
wasn't the issue, is Jesus still worth following?
You can't go to heaven without Jesus, but I think it's very important for us to play with that thought
for a second. If you could go to heaven without Jesus, is He still worth following?
If the answer to that is yes, then I would ask us why? If the ans wer to that is no, I would ask you,
why are you using Him as a fire escape only?
And that would also tell me why our lives are not victorious, and it 's bec ause we've become a
group of people who are all about getting to go to heaven one day, and we've lost sight of the fact
that Jesus is actually worth following, even if there was no such thing as heaven, because His
way is the best way for our life.
If, when we died, if we just died - Jesus is still the best way? He's still the best, and that comes
down to faith. It comes down to trust. Do we really trust that His way is the best way for our life?
Do we really believe that mercy is better than justice? Really, like do we really believe that? It's
easy to believe that with other people, but do we really believe that for ourself? Do we really
believe that mercy triumphs over justice? Do we really believe these things?
I want to spend the rest of the night talking about one area, that takes a lot of fait h for us t o live,
but as leaders in God's biggest idea, we should be living it, and t hat is this.
Jesus said it this way: Blessed are the peacemakers. Blessed are people who bring peace to
situations, instead of retaliation.