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Samson: Man of Faith
Mike Connell
Being a Peacemaker
Shane Willard
The Story of Samson is told from two different perspectives.
Samson ~ Main of Faith Keys from the story of Sampson, about the grace of god,
how he loves us even in the midst of defeat and disgrace. This story is about the
goodness of God to someone who's fallen over, fallen down. You are not beyond
the reach of God no matter where you are today. The best days of our life are
ahead of us if we're in the hands of God.
Being a Peacemaker Peacemakers and Escalation. Our hero of the faith was a
rebellious, spoilt brat, who wanted his own way, in every single way. This was a
man that was sleeping with prostitutes on his wedding night, because he got
depressed, because his best man stole his wife. From what started out as a joke
no-one understood, a fascinating cycle of violence ensues, based on: because
you did this, I now have a right to do that. I merely did to them, what they did to
me. This way of living will always bring death.
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