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Samhain At The Lake
The Landers family was well to do, due to Dennis' hard work selling tire machines to different
companies. He was the sales leader for his company five years in a row. He bought a houseboat for
the family to enjoy, and a slip up on Lake Lanier in North Georgia. It was an hours ride from the new
home they had bought in Marietta.
He had transferred from Ohio; and moved his wife and two kids out to Georgia, to be close to the
Atlanta office. Sherry got a job with a retail store, and they scheduled their vacations,
together.Occasionally, they would have a weekend off with each other; and would take the kids to
the lake and enjoy swimming, and taking advantage of the excellent striper fishing Lanier provided.
Nancy,the oldest, was nine and Danny, (Danielle,when she was in trouble! ) was six and they loved
the lake and going out on the boat. They were at that fun age before teenism made it too cool to be
a kid and have fun.
They got to know their neighbors at the Marina, and spent several pleasurable afternoons grilling out
and chatting amiably about work and life in general. Everyone looked after each other at the Marina
even though it was gated and had full-time security guards.
Tom Kerritt was next to them on the right. He was an architect for a commercial firm in Atlanta, not
far from Dennis's office. Beside Tom, was Wayne Brock, a famous comedian; but they didn't see
much of him as work kept him traveling most of the time. Beside Wayne was Bill Lee, the author,
who wrote horror and fantasy novels. He was reclusive, but friendly when they saw him occasionally.
The slip beside Mr. Lee was empty, and the next one was Elrod Jenkins, a retiree from the aviation
He lived on his boat year round, and you could count on him to update you on where the stripes
were holding, and whether they were hitting live shad or cut bait. He had several grand kids, and it
wasn't unusual to see a bunch of kids playing around his boat and slip any time of the year. He had
an old pit bull his nephew had given him that was chained to his boat. The chain was just a
precaution as the pit was eight years old and mostly slept in the sun all day, but he kept the old man
company and made him feel safer.
You see Mr. Jenkins was sightless due to a chemical splash at the aviation plant; Mr. Jenkins made
one call to a local lawyer, and found himself with enough cash to make his dreams of living on the
lake in a house boat come true. If you didn't know Elrod was blind you would never guess it. "Zep,"
the pit bull had been a gift from his nephew, Max Kick, who found himself incarcerated due to some
misunderstanding about his other dogs and lost a promising career in sales.
On the other side of the Landers was Shane Ramone, the flamboyant gay hairdresser from Atlanta
who's reported to be worth millions.. And probably so, as his clientele list was a star studded who's
who list of famous actors and rock stars. He owned twenty two salons and rarely cut hair himself
anymore, opting instead to hang out on his boat and throw lavish shindigs; inviting different
celebrities and half the state of Georgia.
His events were never dull, and the food was always excellent. The remainder of the slips were
empty, as the price was a little steep, but Dennis didn't mind because of the coziness and
interesting company around the Marina. Even Jack Russell, the security guard that worked
weekends for the Marina; was friendly and always waved and had a kind word, though it was
rumored he drank on duty sometimes.
It was a close knit little community, and a big improvement, from the wild going on in the camping
lot they owned on a lake in Alabama. The first weekend they had lain awake all night listening to
their neighbors argue and curse each other, and they left the following morning. The next time they
went down, a drunken fight had broken out two campsites down, and the law had been called.
Dennis and Sherry sold the campsite for considerately less than what they had paid for it, and were
well satisfied with the deal.
October was unusually warm that year and the workload for September and early October grueling,
so Dennis was already thinking about getting out to the lake and spending time on the boat when
Tom dropped by Dennis's office to take him to lunch and tell him about the Halloween party that
Shane was throwing. Everyone at the Marina was invited, and there were rumors that a famous
singer himself might be there.
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