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Act the Part
There’s another extremely important factor in appearing to already have money
and power beyond what was mentioned above and that is your own manner of
doing things. You must move, speak, and act power.
Have you ever met the grandson of a man who amassed a fortune and wondered
how a grandfather who did so much could have a grandson who seems like such
a weakling? It’s true – that grandson could never get rich on his own. If he
hadn’t inherited his family’s money, he would be poor because he’s weak and
incompetent. And it shows.
People who, like yourself, are capable of making money now, are those who can
act in a strong style that almost seems to draw money like a magnet. Language,
and the way you speak, can say as much as the ideas in your words. Equally
important, however, is your body language, that is, the way you stand, walk,
move and sit, and the gestures you make.