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Look the Part
People are impressed by how a man looks. They are often not aware of exactly
why they treat one man like a VIP and another gets the bum’s rush. Their
reactions may be subliminal, below their conscious awareness. If you are well
dressed, neatly groomed, hair trimmed, etc., and are driving a snazzy car, you
will be well received; while a guy who is wearing sloppy clothes, unshaven and
unclean, and who is driving an old heap, will hardly get any attention at all. Look
as good as you can and back it up in other ways.
Add the other elements of power image too. Clothing – it is worth investing some
money to be well dressed. Buy suits on time payments if you can (a credit car is
very useful for this). That way, the clothes are helping to get power, and
therefore money, for you while you are paying for them. Don’t forget about the
car you drive around in; if the one you have is not impressive, then rent one that
is. Rental cars don’t cost that much and driving a good one pays dividends in the
power sphere.