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Styles and Methods of Power
Power is the ability to get things done – your way. Sometimes, it’s a direct order
that you give, sometimes a suggestion you make, or a request or the asking of a
favor; but the result (if you have power) is always that the other person acts and
you derive a benefit from the other person’s actions.
One can have power in many different ways. You have it over your employees
because you pay their salaries. If you are an expert in a special field, it’s
because you know the best way to handle matters. In a legal dispute, it’s
because you have the law on your side. If you have credit cards, it can be part of
your lifestyle to go into a store, hotel, or restaurant in any city and order whatever
you wish. In politics, it’s because folks will give you their votes, hoping that you’ll
work and succeed in getting the government to serve them in their area. And
there’s the power that derives from being talented, charming, and capable, of