Sales Tactics HTML version

Final Comment
Prepare in advance so you know the other person’s point of view. If you are able
to benefit them, they will practically jump at the chance to let you make money off
them. Tell the person what they want to hear. And above all, keep eyes and
ears open for any information, clues or tip-offs, favorable or unfavorable, that will
give you the power to persuade people.
In the power battle called life, victory will go to those who find the right weapons
and use them. So keep your weapons handy. Get a head start and do not lose
it. Be alert for clues you can use to your advantage. Present yourself with
confidence. Broadcast your will power, speak and move with assurance, and, to
make sure they get the message, have the clothes, car, office, and other outer
appearances of power and money. People tend to believe what they see. If you
look like you have got it made, then you will have it made.