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From Start to Finish

You start out by telling them what the product or service is or does. The kinds of benefits people get from using it and some examples of ways, both usual and unusual, that other folks have used it.

It often helps to mention that “Mr. Anderson, you know, the big shot, just bought two of them for his own use.” Or that “the XYZ Corporation recently bought seven of them for their executives.” Or, if you are
selling a more heavy duty item, that
“Smith’s Construction Company has been
using them for years.” If it is almost a
custom made item, tell them they are one
of the select few who will even get a
chance to buy it.

If you have an opportunity to talk to his
wife or a friend of his, plan along with that
other person and have them unknowingly
hint to the customer that “it certainly
sounds like a good deal.” If his kids are
with him, get them to needle him into
buying it. Use any method that works.


Suppose the guy seems convinced but he cannot seem to make up his mind to actually hand over the money or sign the contract to make the purchase. Sometimes, it helps to imply that he really cannot afford it. He might buy it just to show you he is not poor or a cheapskate.

Another great strategy that sometimes works in desperation to close a sale is to make him feel guilty if he does not buy. Imply that he deliberately wasted your time and energy, that he is rotten and thoughtless, that he just wanted to make a phony impression on his wife or girlfriend or anyone who is there with him. You might want to say all this very loudly, almost yelling, so that a crowd gathers and you shame him into buying.

Or you can try another method to clinch the sale – offer him a “special bonus”. Say you will give him a longer time to pay, a contract for “free” servicing, or that you will add on a bonus of another item “free”. Actually, he may have been entitled to this “extra” all along, but if you have not mentioned it yet, then now is the time.

Try to keep one or two things in reserve as your last pieces of ammunition.