Sabbath to Sukkot: Rest to Restoration HTML version

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Scripture taken from the Holy Bible, Today’s New International®
Version TNIV ®. Copyright 2001, 2005 by International Bible
Society®. Used by permission of International Bible Society®. All
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Segments from the Aramaic Targums are taken from, h e
Targums of Onkelos and Jonathan Ben Uzziel On the Pentateuch
With h e Fragments of the Jerusalem Targum From the Chaldee
by J.W. Etheridge and can be accessed freely online at
I believe in:
God the Father, Almighty
In Jesus Christ His only Son our Lord
Who was conceived of the Holy Spirit
and born of the virgin Mary
Crucii ed under Pontius Pilate, and buried;
h e third day He rose from the dead
He ascended into heaven
And sits at the right hand of the Father
From there He shall judge the living and the dead
And in the Holy Spirit
h e holy people of God
h e forgiveness of sins
h e resurrection of the body
h e life everlasting