SEO Tutorial HTML version

4 Indexing a site
Before a site appears in search results, a search engine must index it. An indexed site
will have been visited and analyzed by a search robot with relevant information saved in
the search engine database. If a page is present in the search engine index, it can be
displayed in search results otherwise, the search engine cannot know anything about it
and it cannot display information from the page..
Most average sized sites (with dozens to hundreds of pages) are usually indexed
correctly by search engines. However, you should remember the following points when
constructing your site. There are two ways to allow a search engine to learn about a new
- Submit the address of the site manually using a form associated with the search
engine, if available. In this case, you are the one who informs the search engine about the
new site and its address goes into the queue for indexing. Only the main page of the site
needs to be added, the search robot will find the rest of pages by following links.
- Let the search robot find the site on its own. If there is at least one inbound link to
your resource from other indexed resources, the search robot will soon visit and index
your site. In most cases, this method is recommended. Get some inbound links to your
site and just wait until the robot visits it. This may actually be quicker than manually
adding it to the submission queue. Indexing a site typically takes from a few days to two
weeks depending on the search engine. The Google search engine is the quickest of the
Try to make your site friendly to search robots by following these rules:
- Try to make any page of your site reachable from the main page in not more than
three mouse clicks. If the structure of the site does not allow you to do this, create a so-
called site map that will allow this rule to be observed.
- Do not make common mistakes. Session identifiers make indexing more difficult. If
you use script navigation, make sure you duplicate these links with regular ones because
search engines cannot read scripts (see more details about these and other mistakes in
section 2.3).