SEO Tutorial HTML version

3.7 Increasing link popularity
3.7.1 Submitting to general purpose directories
On the Internet, many directories contain links to other network resources grouped by
topics. The process of adding your site information to them is called submission.
Such directories can be paid or free of charge, they may require a backlink from your
site or they may have no such requirement. The number of visitors to these directories is
not large so they will not send a significant number to your site. However, search engines
count links from these directories and this may enhance your sites search result
Important! Only those directories that publish a direct link to your site are worthwhile
from a seo point of view. Script driven directories are almost useless. This point deserves
a more detailed explanation. There are two methods for publishing a link. A direct link is
published as a standard HTML construction («A href=...», etc.). Alternatively, links can
be published with the help of various scripts, redirects and so on. Search engines
understand only those links that are specified directly in HTML code. That is why the seo
value of a directory that does not publish a direct link to your site is close to zero.
You should not submit your site to FFA (free-for-all) directories. Such directories
automatically publish links related to any search topic and are ignored by search engines.
The only thing an FFA directory entry will give you is an increase in spam sent to your
published e-mail address. Actually, this is the main purpose of FFA directories.
Be wary of promises from various programs and seo services that submit your resource
to hundreds of thousands of search engines and directories. There are no more than a
hundred or so genuinely useful directories on the Net – this is the number to take
seriously and professional seo submission services work with this number of directories.
If a seo service promises submissions to enormous numbers of resources, it simply means
that the submission database mainly consists of FFA archives and other useless resources.
Give preference to manual or semiautomatic seo submission; do not rely completely on
automatic processes. Submitting sites under human control is generally much more
efficient than fully automatic submission. The value of submitting a site to paid
directories or publishing a backlink should be considered individually for each directory.
In most cases, it does not make much sense, but there may be exceptions.
Submitting sites to directories does not often result in a dramatic effect on site traffic,
but it slightly increases the visibility of your site for search engines. This useful seo
option is available to everyone and does not require a lot of time and expense, so do not
overlook it when promoting your project.