SEO Tutorial HTML version

2.2 Site structure
2.2.1 Number of pages
The general seo rule is: the more, the better. Increasing the number of pages on your
website increases the visibility of the site to search engines. Also, if new information is
being constantly added to the site, search engines consider this as development and
expansion of the site. This may give additional advantages in ranking. You should
periodically publish more information on your site – news, press releases, articles, useful
tips, etc.
2.2.2 Navigation menu
As a rule, any site has a navigation menu. Use keywords in menu links, it will give
additional seo significance to the pages to which the links refer.
2.2.3 Keywords in page names
Some seo experts consider that using keywords in the name of a HTML page file may
have a positive effect on its search result position.
2.2.4 Avoid subdirectories
If there are not too many pages on your site (up to a couple of dozen), it is best to place
them all in the root directory of your site. Search engines consider such pages to be more
important than ones in subdirectories.
2.2.5 One page – one keyword phrase
For maximum seo try to optimize each page for its own keyword phrase. Sometimes
you can choose two or three related phrases, but you should certainly not try to optimize
a page for 5-10 phrases at once. Such phrases would probably produce no effect on page
2.2.6 Seo and the Main page
Optimize the main page of your site (domain name, index.html) for word combinations
that are most important. This page is most likely to get to the top of search engine lists.
My seo observations suggest that the main page may account for up to 30-40% percent of
the total search traffic for some sites