SEO Tutorial HTML version

2.1.7 Keywords in links
A simple seo rule – use keywords in the text of page links that refer to other pages on
your site and to any external Internet resources. Keywords in such links can slightly
enhance page rank.
2.1.8 «ALT» attributes in images
Any page image has a special optional attribute known as "alternative text.” It is
specified using the HTML «ALT» tag. This text will be displayed if the browser fails to
download the image or if the browser image display is disabled. Search engines save the
value of image ALT attributes when they parse (index) pages, but do not use it to rank
search results.
Currently, the Google search engine takes into account text in the ALT attributes of
those images that are links to other pages. The ALT attributes of other images are
ignored. There is no information regarding other search engines, but we can assume that
the situation is similar. We consider that keywords can and should be used in ALT
attributes, but this practice is not vital for seo purposes.
2.1.9 Description Meta tag
This is used to specify page descriptions. It does not influence the seo ranking process
but it is very important. A lot of search engines (including the largest one – Google)
display information from this tag in their search results if this tag is present on a page and
if its content matches the content of the page and the search query.
Experience has shown that a high position in search results does not always guarantee
large numbers of visitors. For example, if your competitors' search result description is
more attractive than the one for your site then search engine users may choose their
resource instead of yours. That is why it is important that your Description Meta tag text
be brief, but informative and attractive. It must also contain keywords appropriate to the
2.1.10 Keywords Meta tag
This Meta tag was initially used to specify keywords for pages but it is hardly ever used
by search engines now. It is often ignored in seo projects. However, it would be advisable
to specify this tag just in case there is a revival in its use. The following rule must be
observed for this tag: only keywords actually used in the page text must be added to it.