SEO Mastery HTML version

My name is Kapil Ch opra. I hav e been in online marketing fr om past 6 y ear s. I am G oog le Ad words, G oog le
Analy tics and Video A dv ertising C ertified. I h av e su ffer ed m any failures in my online Bu siness since I was not a
technology geek per son and had no online experience when I star ted. So I consider my failur es to be as my
learning experience and ov er th e y ear s, I h av e discov er ed that one needs to identify what w orks th e best for them
and till the time y ou discov er that y ou need to keep digging.
In my case, I was continu ou sly experim enting on h ow to rank on th e fir st page on Google. In th e beginning, it
took me nearly six months to rank on Google’s first page for just 2 keywords I was working on Health & Fitness
nich e at that point in time. Let me giv e y ou an example h er e, y ou w ould rank faster if y ou ar e pr om oting a
pr odu ct which is about to launch OR has been launch ed recently .
Ov er a per iod of time I learned th e technique to rank h igh er and kept my self u pdate d w ith Google policies and
pr ocedur es. In this E-Book I h av e explained th e pr ocess of SEO step by step w ith r elev ant exam ples to keep it
u ser friendly for r eader s wh o hav e little or no knowledge of SEO.
Th er efor e, in this Article I am not going to giv e y ou false h ope. I hav e cr eated th is Article to best of my
Knowledge and it has w or ked w onder s for me and it will w ork for any one if y ou follow th e step by step
instructions laid in this Article. I hav e spent near ly a y ear or so to wr ite th is step by step SE O formula so please,
r ead it thr ough and follow th e sequ ence.
Th is Article is div ided in fiv e differ ent sections. Each section has its own v alue and all of th em are r elated to each
other . I hav e made th is an absolu te NO Brainer so any layman can learn these steps and at least get a clear idea
h ow SEO w orks.
Google Certification: h ttp://t inyurl.c om /pv o299t