Russia And Belarus : New Business Cultures HTML version

Story for grown-ups
Chapter 1. A Portent of Time
1.1 New challenge: independence or alliance
1.2 Ideas and values of the new century
1.3 Mass culture
1.4 About business cultures and their bearers in Belarus and Russia
Chapter 2. Comparing Cultures
2.1 American lessons or how the idea to write this book appeared
2.2 If Hofstede analyzed Belarus and Russia
2.3 Richard Lewis and others about Russian culture
Chapter 3. New Measurement
3.1 Culture and value of a personality
3.2 Ten features for measuring "value of a personality"
3.3 Methodology of personality value evaluation
3.4 Belarus and Russia in the mirror of the value of an individual
Chapter 4. Peculiarities of Behavior
4.1 How Belarusians differ from Russians
4.2 Behavioral peculiarities of Belarusian and Russian people in private life
4.3 Belarusians and Russians: differences and similarities
Chapter 5. Practical pieces of advice on having business with Russian and Belarusian
5.1 Heroes and anti-heroes (is it necessary for foreigners to know history of Russia and
5.2 Specifics of business dinner (vodka and entertainment)
5.3 Prejudices and superstitions
5.4 Russian people at the table of negotiations (negotiation skills, form of presentation,
art of bargain, body language)