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Tips For Long Distance Running
Tips For Long Distance Running
Are you shooting for your first long distance running event? For some
long-time runners, training for such an event—5 kilometer, 10 kilometer,
half marathon, or marathon—is not so much of a problem. For first-time
distance runners, however, training is quite laborious and boring. If you are
currently undergoing training, the following tips can help you get by and
prepare you for an experience as exciting as long distance running:
1. Take some rest days between the trainings. Doing so will give your body
ample time to recover energy and reestablish muscle stamina. Some
runners have a week or two of rest in between days of hard workouts. For
relatively easy workouts, they schedule at least one day-off.
2. Mind your pace. Running long-distance is less about running fast, but is
more about covering as many miles as you can. To be able to do this, you
need to conserve your energy and run slow during the first few miles.
Change your pace as you progress and approach the finish line.
3. Work on improving your speed. Allot two to three days of fast running per
week. There will be times, however, that your body won’t feel like working
at a faster speed. Don’t push, as your body is trying to recover energy.
4. Increase your mileage. Successful distance runners increase their