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The Right Start_Running Tips For Beginners
The Right Start: Running Tips For Beginners
Running is an enjoyable, low-maintenance sport that it is no surprise many
are enticed to get into it. Many beginning runners, however, initially find
running somewhat injurious and exhausting and so give up. Truth is, it can
be, especially if the novice runners have not been properly educated. To
get the most out of running, it is important that every beginning runner
knows everything about the sport and is prepared enough for it. Following
are some running tips for beginners that will make an otherwise rigorous
sport into a pleasurable activity.
1. Consult with your physician. Remember that running is an intense
physical activity and requires a great deal of your strength. Therefore, it is
wise to ask your doctor if your body is up for the challenge. Your physician
will consider your age, weight, fitness level, and special conditions
(breathing or heart problems) to derive a sound decision. Having accurate
information on your body will also help you in choosing a running program.
2. Set attainable goals. Do you want to lose weight? Or lower your
cholesterol level? Or join a marathon perhaps? Whatever your goals are,
make sure to see them through. To keep you motivated, it is helpful to have
a timeframe. If the goal, however, is not met at the appointed time, it’s okay.
Don’t fret, but continue to try working on it. The key here is to avoid
stressing yourself over a goal your body is not ready for.