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Breathing Techniques In Running
Breathing Techniques In Running
One of the more important aspects of running is the proper way of
breathing. Running is not just about the legs and thighs and feet. It is also
about the lungs and how to bring greater amounts of oxygen into the
system efficiently.
Unnoticed by many, even by the athletes themselves sometimes, the
nature of your breathing during your running affects your performance.
Those runners who can correctly deliver oxygen into their system are
stronger than their counterparts who struggle when they are running
because they do not know the technique.
Swimmer’s breathing
One training technique is to breathe slightly slower than your body requires
when you are not running. This starves your system for oxygen and forces
the heart to beat faster.
After a time, the body learns to compensate for the lack of oxygen so that
when this technique is not in use, your body is already more efficient in
processing your breathed air. This is demonstrated in swimming.
Swimmers do alternate breathing which is breathing every third stroke. This