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The Many Benefits Of Running
The Many Benefits Of Running
For most people, running is exhausting, boring, and sometimes painful.
However, you see today so many people running as if their lives depended
on it. (That is actually true to a point.)
There are many reasons why people engage themselves in running these
days. Foremost of which is to stay in shape or to reach their ideal body
weight. Studies show that the potent combination of correct diet and the
right exercise is the most effective method in losing weight.
Weight loss
For all its boring features, running is very effective in allowing a person to
burn an average of 100 calories for every run mile. Biking and walking, on
the other hand, only burn a fraction of these calories in the same amount of
While we burn around 2000 to 5000 calories every day doing nothing,
running 5 miles a day burns an additional 500 calories.
The speed in running has little or no effect on the number of calories
burned. Rather, it is weight that counts. A 220-pound person running an
8-minute mile burns 150 calories. A person weighing 120 pounds running