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Smart Ways To Prevent Running Injuries
Smart Ways To Prevent Running Injuries
Incurring injuries can pass as one of the greatest nightmares of many
runners, which is why it is very important for every runner to be extra
cautious down the road. Many factors contribute to the runner’s tendency to
get injured; still, there are many ways to prevent running injuries. Here are
1. Commit yourself to a warm-up. The general rule in any type of workout:
Warm-up before you go. Doing so gives you a chance to prepare your body
for the oncoming work and prevents the likelihood of injuries. Before a run,
loosen up your legs, walk for some minutes, then do some stretching.
Similarly, cooling down at the end of the run is important to reduce muscle
pain. Do this by closing your workout with brisk walking or slow running.
Then, do stretches.
2. Avoid overtraining. The surest way to incur injuries is to overtrain and
overwork your body. Sadly, many runners, in an attempt to increase their
mileage and intensity just too soon, pushes their body beyond its capability
and so put their selves at a great risk of injury. Two things you need to
remember. One, weekly mileage increase shouldn’t be more than 10%.
Two, speed buildup is a gradual process. Next time you feel like going
farther and faster, ask if your body is capable of the demands, then let
sound judgment overtake you.