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Running Health Benefits_A Quick Rundown
Running Health Benefits: A Quick Rundown
Why run? There are innumerable reasons. But the number one reason you
should consider is the many running health benefits you can obtain every
time you run. Now that busy and cramped lifestyles are pushing people to
become more sedentary, running provides an easy and fuss-free avenue to
getting fit and healthier. But although running proves to be tedious and
rigorous, all the sweat is worth the following physical benefits:
1. Healthier heart
Your heart is responsible for pumping blood to carry oxygen to the body.
When you run, you cause your heart to work harder, pumping more blood.
Over time, running makes your heart more efficient so that even if you are
at rest, your heart is pumping more blood with each heart beat. The arteries
also benefits from running. As you run, the arteries become more elastic
and more able to flush out the fatty deposits that may have developed in
you the walls of the arteries and that could potentially obstruct the delivery
of blood to the heart. If not addressed, these obstructions in the blood’s
pathway can cause heart attack.
2. Lower blood pressure
As a result of elastic arteries, blood pressure among runners is usually low.
In fact, a study involving an observation of long distance runners showed
that these runners recorded almost a 50% decrease in the blood pressure.