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Running And Hydration
Running And Hydration
Running in the good old days used to be uncomplicated and simple. Some
people remember runners before going out running with nothing with them.
After a time, they come back and drink their water.
Drinking (or hydration) was not such a big deal before. Today, there are
some runners who carry their own water and enough gadgets to monitor
their exact intake during a run or a race.
Hydration and dehydration
Of course, we all now know how important water is when it comes to
strenuous exercises like running. One thing about water is that it is not ideal
either to get very little or too much of the fluid.
Severe dehydration (loss of water) and over-hydration both cause serious
consequences on the body, including death. Knowing the difference is
sometimes hard because the symptoms are the same.
Similar symptoms
In dehydration, the symptoms include weight loss, lethargy, dizziness,
nausea, vomiting, confusion and dry mouth or lips. Over-hydration includes