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Losing Weight With Running
Losing Weight With Running
Running is one of the best ways of losing weight, as attested to by many
experts and the hundreds of thousands of runners who had lost weight.
If your immediate goal right now is losing weight, running is one of the best
alternatives. It is almost without cost. It might even be the cheapest weight
loss program bar none.
The doctor
The very first person you have to see and talk about your plan of losing
weight is your doctor. Only he would know for sure everything about you,
your body, your health and the things that may be good or bad for you.
After you get your doctor’s permission, begin to implement your plan of
losing weight through running – gradually at first. For some, walking for a
short period of time is a good start.
Walking will first help you improve your cardiovascular health. After which,
you may begin to do some slow jogging. Follow this up with running after a
Your body needs to be familiar with the new regular activity. Your trainer