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List Of Important Running Gears And Accessories
List Of Important Running Gears And Accessories
People say that when you have a good pair of running shoes, you’re good
to go. This is generally true, but if you want to make the most out of your
running experience, you need to invest on some things. Following are some
of the important running gears and accessories that, although not required
to make you a certified runner, can make your running comfortable and
1. Shorts. Many varieties of running shorts are in the market today, but
there are two that seem to stand out from the rest. One is the compression
tights. Resembling cycling shorts, compression tights are made of fabrics
that fit the body tightly so that when the runner is on the move, the muscles
are held firmly. This compressive feature offers little chance of chafing.
Also a favorite choice among runners, full split shorts have a slit on either
side, which allows for the free movement of the leg. Although split shorts
are typically short in length, they provide runners with unobstructed and
easy stride.
2. Shirt. Gone are the days of cotton shirts. Shirts with wicking quality,
usually made of polyester, are the best choice for running. These types of
shirt absorb sweat from the body and keep the temperature low. Thick,
long-sleeved shirts are recommended for use during the cold climates and
thin, short-sleeved shirts are for warm climates. For extra support and