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Indoor Running
Indoor Running
Among runners, there are two opposing camps debating on the merits of
running indoors, particularly on top of a treadmill. One faction is very vocal
in its dislike of these manmade contraptions that are very popular
equipments in spas and gyms.
The other group is equally at home running on treadmills as well as doing
their jogging outdoors. These runners do not particularly like one over the
other. Most often, the reason they give on why they use treadmills is
convenience rather than preference.
Treadmills are preferred and popular in smog-filled urban areas and
outdoor running are enjoyed by those in suburban places where smog is
not yet a menace.
There are many reasons given by treadmill users and fans regarding their
preference of the gym’s most-used equipment.
Treadmills are consistent and familiar all throughout. Aside from the safety
factor in running indoors, treadmill users like the familiarity aspect of the
equipment. What is more, you can set the speed and the incline of the