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How To Stay Motivated With Running
How To Stay Motivated With Running
As one ignorant non-runner said, running is boring, exhausting, and
sometimes painful. Yet today, running is one of the most popular individual
sports in the world, counting millions and millions of followers.
This number does not even include yet those who are engaged into serious
competitive running. How do they keep themselves motivated and stay at
Loss of motivation
Because it is a solitary performance at most, running sometimes CAN be
boring, exhausting and painful. Some runners (newcomers and veterans
alike) declare that it can be difficult sometimes to stay motivated on a
regular basis.
Loss of motivation is triggered by many things, including boredom, muscle
pains, and most of all, lack of time. Some other times in your running years
you were probably attacked by lack of motivation.
It starts out slow (skipping a run or two) and without your knowing it,
gradually moves to a point where you notice you are not running regularly