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Fueling Your Running
Fueling Your Running
Like a car, a runner who wants to operate at his most optimum potential
needs his particular set of fuels. He needs the right combination of
carbohydrates, proteins and fats to fuel his running.
Each of these food groups has a specific function to fulfill in the body.
Getting the right amount and mix of these important nutrients is the right
step onwards to success in your sport.
The primary fuel for exercising muscles and for high-intensity exercises are
carbohydrates. The athlete’s body needs around 50 to 65% carbohydrates
in his food intake to support training.
Lacking enough carbohydrates causes the body to under-perform and
cannot burn fats as effectively as it should during workouts. It should be the
staple of your diet before, during and after each exercise, including
intervals throughout the day.
Carbohydrates abound in such food as whole grain breads, pasta, brown
rice, oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, corn, beans, and low-fat dairy