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Common Mistakes In Running
Common Mistakes In Running
Running is one fairly common and simple athletic activity that most people
can pick up anytime. In truth, most of us are already familiar with running.
We think that starting a running program is also just as simple.
We simply start to run the next day, with resolve that we will do it regularly
from now on. The resolve and the intention are decent. It is in the headlong
rush that makes it fairly incorrect. It may even be downright dangerous.
Look before you run
If you think you can start out running five miles a day starting today is a
good idea, there is something wrong in your personal decision-making
policies. First, you have to know that exposing the body to sudden
strenuous amount of exercise is outright wrong.
Never try to do any running right away if you have not run at all in your life,
or worse, have not done any form of exercise, either. Depending on your
age and your present physical condition, it can be harmful and downright
First, get a professional opinion on your present physical health condition
before starting out any physical activity, including running. Your doctor may