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Room From the Top
Chapter 2 Tom
Tom stood there looking at the Poster on the wall of his small study. Marilee was standing there
looking straight at him and he could feel the smile that poured out of her eyes as she laughed into
his face.
What happened and why? He had repeated this to himself over and over again. He was in his final
year and had so much to do before the end of the Semester. What happened to them and why were
they separated. Neither of them had a real answer.
He was young and still at University doing his finals, and she was hovering between his career and
his lust. One memorable night flashed through his mind, as he saw her walking across the campus
carrying her funny little rug and a picnic basket which he knew contained some food and a bottle of
The Worlds were separating and the worlds were linking, and he was walking across green grass in
a mist, and she was still trailing along, her eyes wide with love and wonder. Then they were on
yellow sand and the waves were flowing over their bodies as they lay in the moonlight. They were
walking hand in hand in the snow and the moonlight was playing tricks with his eyes and her hair.
It was all rolling across him like psychedelic images over a white balloon that had transfixed them at
Libby's Opening....
His green eyes crinkled as he smiled and he scratched his head and gave a wry grin. He would
always love this woman and God was his witness.
Again the memories rolled across.....
They were eighteen when they met. He was a holiday folk singer, and she was a waitress. They
worked together in this seaside resort, and they were friends and lovers from the moment they met.