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Room From the Top
insure her invisibility, she had stopped and made a show of studying several of the shop windows,
while still keeping him in her rear vision. It was a trick she'd learned from watching those grainy
black and white detective videos he was so fond of. Who would think they would come in handy?
Several times she almost came close to calling his name, just to see his look of surprise. But, for
some unknown reason, she hadn't. Now, looking back, she knew why. Back then, she'd convinced
herself it was just a silly and harmless game. Sure, with herself the loser...
Finally, he arrived, entered and took a seat, sliding into the far booth of a favourite restaurant they
had eaten at several occasions. She ducked her head as the owner approached in her direction but
he ignored her, turned and walked toward the back. He stopped at Tom's table.
She stood on the busy sidewalk and peered into the darkened eatery. Tom had nodded a reply. His
mouth formed some words, but from her location outside, she couldn't understand their meaning.
But, the owner comprehended and much to her amazement made motions to the waiters to set
another place setting. Who, she wondered was Tom meeting for lunch?
Why the clandestine location and secrecy?
Suddenly, to Marilee's surprise, her view to Tom was suddenly blocked. Crowds of people gathered
to surround the spot where Tom was. In the huddle of the masses she'd lost sight of Tom.
She dared not move towards the crowd, after all she'd shadowed him, and did not yet want to give
herself away. She saw a messenger push herself through and rode off on a bike. It struck Marilee
funny that someone was leaving when the crowd itself all rushed in.
While this happened, Marilee leaned back with the sudden thought, that something was not OK.
Instinctively she knew something was wrong and something life shattering was about to happen.
She tried to gather these strange feelings that were suddenly coming over her, as a wail of sirens
slowly sounded in her mind.
As the sirens grew louder, Merilee watched for the emergency vehicles to appear. Judging by the
amount of wailing, there must be several approaching. She soon saw them in the twilight, their
flashing beacons casting a blue hue across the scene below. They were police cars, several of
them, and they were moving fast, in pursuit of something. At first she could see nothing of their
quarry but as they came closer, she could make out a speeding black Porsche.
To her left she could see the chase unfolding, five police cars and one insanely driven Porsche,
rocketing towards the square. To her right, around the corner of the building, she could see the Pop
Star Norman, surrounded by his fans, casually signing autographs for his adoring fans, and
Gretchen close by like she always was, and her lover, Tom still in the restaurant sitting by the