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Queries And Answers
[From The Rolling Stone, June 23, 1894.]
Can you inform me where I can buy an interest in a newspaper of some kind? I have
some money and would be glad to invest it in something of the sort, if some one would
allow me to put in my capital against his experience.
Telegraph us your address at once, day message. Keep telegraphing every ten minutes at
our expense until we see you. Will start on first train after receiving your wire.
Who was the author of the line, "Breathes there a man with soul so dead?"
G. F.
This was written by a visitor to the State Saengerfest of 1892 while conversing with a
member who had just eaten a large slice of limburger cheese.
Where can I get the "Testimony of the Rocks"?
See the reports of the campaign committees after the election in November.
Please state what the seven wonders of the world are. I know five of them, I think, but
can't find out the other two.