Rock Star Recipes (The Celebrity Diet)


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Low Carb, Low Fat, Vegetarian/Vegan, Seafood, High Protein, Snacks, Drinks and more are featured in this award winning book from Hollywood Celebrity Anand Bhatt. ROCK STAR RECIPES offers celebrity recipes and lifestyle tips that everyone can use to stay fit, healthy, and indulged! Rock Star Recipes are quick, easy, and effective no matter how busy you are.


I'm just a few pages in and like it already. Not just recipes, but very helpful hints. For instance on page 29, I like to have fresh ginger in the house, but I end up throwing it away - spoiled before it all gets used. The author provides a trick of cutting the root in 1" chunks, freezing it, then tossing it into a blender to powder it. Put it in a container back into the freezer and use the frozen powder as needed. Very cool indeed!


My husband is a vegetarian rockstar and I'm a vegan. We LOVE this book. Even though some meat is used in the recipes it's easy enough to replace with a vegan substitute! Love the Tales at the beginning of each chapter. All round a really enjoyable, high energy, good vibe book! Thanks!

Patricia Morrigan

The recipes are awesome. Tasty good for you, fast and easy. I Love the Cauliflower crust Pizza wow, and easy! All these wonderful recipes Thank you For them. It's not the same old hum drum stuff, this is new and yummy and easy to make, with a few changes to make things healthier and tastier. I can not wait to have tried them ALL!!


Anand Bhatt

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