Road Signs, Shifting Gears between Two Worlds


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A spiritual journal with 25 Road Signs used as chapter headings. A book about soul retrievals, self retrievals, childhood experiences of note, soul searching for inbetween lives and the afterlife realms. No religious context of note. Illustrations penned by the author at chapter headings. Cover created by the author's daughter, a graphic artist, Holly McAlister. Laughing Rain is a pen name.

Alysia LaughingRain Mcalister

hey there my friend, finally found your comment. mucho gracious! thumbs up on your books also. alysia

Vanayssa Love

Road Signs opens the door to how this author experiences her day to day life as a spiritual being, travelling in Inner Space with non physical beings, sharing multitudes of experiences in day to day earth life from the Quantum point of view. A subjective, fascinating summary of her explorations in a world of limitless possibilities. I read this book some time ago and still remember images her writing left in my mind. These kinds of experiences do not have much of a vocabulary in the English language yet, but writers like Laughing Rain are beginning to provide that vocabulary, one author at a time.

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